Work to Keep Your Computer Virus-Free

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There are lots of different viruses out there that should motivate you to keep your anti-virus software updated. If you don’t have anti-virus software installed on your computer already, then you need to go ahead and do that project before you do anything else. Anti-virus software can help you avoid all kinds of turmoil. Though you may think that you’re only protecting your computer from attack, perhaps believing that it will never really happen to you, the fact is anti-virus software can protect you from identity theft as well. Installing the right anti-virus program on your computer is nothing to take lightly. Your computer can act as a portal through which all sorts of evil can find its way into your life. If you’ve been lucky enough to never have to deal with a virus, then count your blessings, but time is most certainly running out for you.

Some time ago, my computer got infected with Win32sality. It was an unlucky era in my life and I’ve never forgotten it. When I first found out that my computer was infected, I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. I learned quickly, though that Win32 sality is a fairly challenging virus to work with and that it can cause a lot of damage. The virus installs itself on the system and then runs a payload on your computer if given the opportunity. I found out that the virus was logging my keystrokes, which meant that anything that I typed was sent off to a third party. My privacy was completely breached. It gave me the strangest feeling to know that as I was typing innocently on my computer, it was like someone else was watching everything that I was doing through the machine. I didn’t care for the psychological component of dealing with Win32sality, but the worst consequences came when my identity was stolen and I had to try to clean up my financial life as a result of the virus.

Since that time, I have been an active and passionate advocate for anti-virus software. Everyone who is online needs it. There are people out there who are coding viruses and malware right now, as I write about this problem. Indeed, every year, the viruses and malware get worse and more sophisticated. It’s important that people arm themselves as best they can against security breaches on their computers because much of the information that we have stored on our computers is sensitive and private. It shocks me when I hear that people don’t have anti-virus or anti-malware software at all because I know that it’s only a matter of time before their computer gets infected if it isn’t infected already. Win32sality is just one of many very nasty viruses that can cause some serious problems in your life. But much of that can be avoided if you just download the necessary software and keep it updated religiously. Find a company that’s reputable that you can trust and download software right away if you haven’t already. If you’re lucky, it won’t be too late.


Stay Malware-Free

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Most people are familiar with the concept of computer viruses. They know that viruses can spread from computer to computer and that a virus can detract from your ability to control your computer. Viruses can be really mild infections or super serious depending on the type of virus. This is familiar to the vast majority of people who own computers, but malware isn’t quite as well-known or well-understood. Nonetheless, malware is just as serious of a threat and requires just as much attention as viruses in this day and age. If you aren’t familiar with malware, then take some time to learn a bit about it so that you can protect yourself from the threats that lurk out there on the web.

Viruses are essentially a type of malware. Malware or “malicious software” is software that was designed specifically to harm your computer, or to benefit a third party. It installs itself on your computer, typically without your knowledge or your permission. Not all malware spreads the way that viruses do and not all malware has the same overall purpose. Each virus and each piece of malware is different. If you want your computer to stay free from viruses (as most people do), then you probably want your computer to stay malware-free as well.

Sality is a virus that really demonstrates the importance of keeping your computer free from viruses. Sality doesn’t mess around. This virus can cause a host of problems on your computer, most of them without you even knowing about it. Your identity and private or sensitive information on your computer becomes the target of sality and your ability to maintain your computer’s security is compromised by the virus. If you don’t have the right anti-virus or anti-malware software installed on your computer, you won’t be able to avoid this one.

Malware can take many different forms. Spyware and adware are excellent examples of two different types of malware that are rampant online. Sality manifests certain aspects that are similar to spyware. For example, this virus will try to send your sensitive information to a third party via a designated email address. But not all spyware has viral properties. Viruses spread from computer to computer through some pre-programmed mechanism. But many types of spyware do not necessarily spread in this manner and so wouldn’t qualify to be called “viruses”. Rather, spyware aims to gather private data through some means and may install itself on your computer using non-viral methods.

If you want to stay malware-free, you need to know a bit about how viruses spread and how different types of malware can find their way onto your computer. But, at the same time, you need to make sure your computer is entirely protected. Keep your anti-virus and anti-malware software up-to-date and don’t let it lapse. Scan your computer from time to time if you suspect that it’s been infected with spyware or some other type of malware. Be aware that some viruses and malware don’t have symptoms associated with infection and so may be impossible to detect without reputable scanning software.

Sality- Everything you need to know

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Due to the rise in the number of different file types that are present right now, the amount of viruses which are present have also risen. There are a number of different virus programs that can affect your computer right now, and most of these programs are those which can really harm your computer. In this article, we shall discuss one of the most harmful virus programs that pose a major threat to computer systems right now, which is known as Sality. For people who do not know, the different between viruses and other malicious software is that viruses tend to spread by attaching and infecting other files on a person’s computer. They rapidly evolve and mutate throughout your computer, and infect important system files as well.

Also, if viruses are not quickly removed from your computer, they will severely affect performance and might even render your computer totally useless, at which point the only option that remains is to format all of the drives in your computer. However, some of the major virus programs at present also have the capability of completely rendering your hard disk useless, as well as all of the data on it, so it is important for people to make sure that they take appropriate prevention measures. One of the prime causes for the spread of this virus infection is through file infections. Sality attaches itself to files and generally transfers itself from remote drives and Windows servers that host files. If you copy an infected file on to your computer, it will quickly inject a code in to all of the running processes in your computer, and then begins to expand itself.

It creates a device driver in your computer, and then creates and starts its own service process in the aforementioned driver directory, which it uses in order to carry operations. Any remote Windows drive that you connect to your computer will also get infected accordingly, which cause a major problem for people who need to rapidly transfer data. Also, several utilities of Windows are also prevented from functioning properly, which causes a major problem and severe crashes in your computing performance, as most of the utilities that are stopped from working are those which are essential to computer performance.

Sality also creates registry sub keys, embedding itself firmly in your computer’s registry as well. One of the major signs that your computer is infected with this virus is that it does not allow you to run the Windows Registry Editor, as well as several applications which are related to security based applications as well. A number of people also complain that applications such as Windows Defender fail to function properly as well. Almost every file with the .exe extension gets affected with Sality, which makes sure that it causes as much harm as possible to your computer by spreading rapidly to all USB and remote media drives as well. It also downloads files from remote Web servers to your computer too.

What is Sality?

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There are several highly dangerous virus programs that are available right now. For people who browse the internet or make use of different external files which they get from remote drives and servers, one of the biggest fears is that they might get a virus in their computer. By definition, a virus is regarded a malicious software that can penetrate your computer through the internet, or by attaching itself to an external file which you copy without suspicion in to your computer. That virus then slowly begins to spread within your computer, until it totally affects every file inside. The amount of damage that a virus can do varies significantly, but there are several very dangerous viruses that can cause severe damage to your computer. One of these viruses is Sality. In the following few paragraphs, you will learn about what this harmful virus can do, as well as how it enters your computer.

Microsoft has given this virus a threat level of ‘Severe’, which might give you an idea of the amount of damage it can cause to your computer. For people who do not know, there are a number of different names that this virus has apart from its original name. Different antivirus programs make use of its aliases, such as Sector 21, Eldorado, SalLoad, Spamta, Vilsel, etc. This virus generally spreads and grows in size by infecting a majority of the executable files of Windows and by placing copies of itself on all of the remote and removable drives that you might have attached to your computer.

This virus has the ability to terminate a number of security products that you might be running in your computer, and can easily prohibit several utilities of Windows from initiating, which causes your computer to stop functioning normally in several areas. Windows utilities that are prevented from running and are essential will be stopped, and might cause your computer to crash at several occasions. The rapid rate at which this virus tends to grow is also quite harmful, as within a very short while, it can spread through all of the directories of Windows in your computer.

You will also be unable to run the Windows Registry Editor for as long as the Sality virus is present within your computer system. Also, this virus creates a separate driver entry in to your computer, and spreads via file infection at a very rapid rate. This virus is extremely harmful and can cause a number of issues in a person’s computer, causing it to stop functioning properly and crash at an excessive rate. Not only does it cause crashes, but the excessive amount of file infections that it causes can really limit the speed of your computer, causing it to slow down significantly. People who have quad core systems will find their speeds to be significantly lessened, which does often pose a really big question about their computer’s security. The only way to prevent this virus is to install a very good antivirus program.

Hiloti- A brief introduction

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Knowing the different kinds of malware and malicious software that can affect your computer is very important for people who are avid computer users. One of the major sources of virus infections that can affect a computer is the internet. A lot of people who make use of the internet often complain that their computer tends to get infected quite easily, and this is mainly because there are a number of harmful websites that can deal damage to your computer without your knowledge. However, unless you know the type and kind of malware that your computer has been infected with, you will not be able to take appropriate countermeasures. Knowing how to tackle these issues is important for people who are looking to ensure a long and secure lifetime of their computing machines.

One of the most harmful and dangerous kinds of Trojans that can affect a person’s computer is the Hiloti Trojan. Now, a lot of people do not know what Trojans are. For people that don’t, a Trojan is a type of file that can penetrate your computer, embed itself in to the file system and then cause changes and harm to your computer without your knowledge. Trojans are fairly hard to spot, but the symptoms become obvious as you will begin to see obvious changes when using your computer. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you use a good antivirus program to detect and remove these Trojans.

The purpose of the Hiloti Trojan is that it affects the browsing habits of the computer it has affected, and then automatically downloads and executes arbitrary files on that computer. You will begin to see an excess of pop ups while opening sites that do not host any pop up advertisements at all, while the content of the HTML pages can also be altered by Hiloti. Not only this, but Hiloti can also cause changes to the system software as well, which means that it can affect important processes such as explorer.exe.

Also, Hiloti embeds itself in your file system by creating its own Windows directory under a randomized file name and then alters the file type so that it is treated like a DLL file (which is essential to the running of Windows). Hence, whenever your computer turns on, the program automatically begins to run. Also, due to the effect it causes on several system processes, you might also see a significant drop in the performance of your computer. However, the difficult thing is that there are no obvious symptoms of this Trojan, so you will need to run a thorough antivirus scan in order to make sure that there are no Trojans or malicious softwares in your computer.

Also, you can make use of the number of online antivirus scanning programs that are available on the internet. These programs can be used by just opening the website and can directly scan your computer directly and let you know if there are any viruses located inside.

What is Hiloti?

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If you are an avid internet user, you will know that there are a number of different viruses that can affect and damage the file system of your computer. Having a knowhow of these different viruses and malicious programs can only be helpful for yourself, as you will know what files to avoid and which to allow to enter your computer. Hence, in this article, we shall talk about one of the most dangerous and the most damaging forms of malicious software that can harm your computer. The name of this virus/ worm is Hiloti and it can really harm your computer in a number of different ways. Firstly, before we get in to details, it is important to know how this Trojan enters and affects your computer.

The exact definition of Hiloti can be a Trojan which can cause interference in an affected computer user’s browsing performance as well as daily browsing habits. Also, it can download programs on its own and execute arbitrary files which can be harmful for your computer. The one reason why this Trojan is considered to be so dangerous is because it leaves virtually no trace behind. This means that if your computer is infected, there is little chance for you to find out whether this Trojan is at large inside unless you carry out a thorough scan.

On the other hand, there are virtually no immediate effects symptoms displayed by your computer. A lot of Trojans and viruses tend to slow down your computer immediately, which gives you an idea that there might be something fishy happening inside. However, when it comes to this Trojan, you must make sure that you regularly scan your computer every week in order to make sure that no such virus infiltrates your computer.

It automatically executes itself once your computer starts up, and then copies itself in to the Windows directory with a file name that is generated on a random basis. The file type is modified by the Trojan so that it becomes a dynamic link library extension. Also, it can increase the work load of your computer substantially as it tends to affect computing processes such as explorer.exe and iexplore.exe.

This can slow down your computer to a certain level, but it will be a significant amount of time before you will actually get to feel the real effects that will be caused. Also, the dangerous thing about this Trojan is that it can monitor a host of different processes on your computer, and can increase the amount of pop ups that show while browsing. Not only this, but it can also alter the content that is shown to the users on a HTML page, as well as enter new scripts on the page. If you wish to remove this Trojan, you must make use of a powerful system optimization tool and antivirus program which will remove all traces of the Trojan from the windows directory and the registry of your computer as well.


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The first thing you should do after buying a new computer is to properly set up its security and protection. In today’s information age, we all have different kinds of valuable information stored on our computers. Business users might have their work related documents and many sensitive information regarding bank accounts. Other users can also have some private information stored, which you certainly don’t want to be exploited by someone else.

During the last decade, we’ve witnessed how computers evolved and how they became essential part of our everyday life. It’s almost completely unimaginable not to use computer for your work, storing your precious digital memories or staying in touch with your friends and family.

Just as the computers evolved, many different kinds of malware also evolved. Malware is a piece of harmful software whose mission is to infect your system and damage it in many different ways. Some malware can cause damage to your operating system, while others can collect your sensitive information and forward them to their host.

There is no 100% effective way to keep out all the possible malicious files, so you should still take some steps in order to protect your computer. The most important one is to purchase the right antivirus.

Antivirus that will work for you should be a piece of software which will thoroughly and actively scan all your computer activity. It’s always a good idea to get to know your habits as the computer user before you going out and buying an antivirus. You will want to make sure that you’re protected while surfing the web, downloading a bunch of different files, using instant messaging applications and checking your e-mail with one of the numbers popular e-mail clients.

When we speak about malware, you should know that there are many different kinds of harmful software and malicious codes. Actually, one of the most active during the previous year was called Alureon. This is actually a Trojan and bootkit whose mission is to intercept your computer’s network traffic in order to collect your usernames, passwords and financial information. This is actually one of the biggest threats on the Internet today and it was first created in 2006, so it constantly evolves.

You might be asking yourself what are Trojans and bootkits and as well as why are they so harmful? A Trojan horse (commonly referred to as Trojan) is a very small piece of software made to collect sensitive information. It can also allow its creator to gain control of your computer where it can perform various harmful operations.

A bootkit is a very serious malware that infects the very base of your system. It’s very hard to locate and delete it. Many users are completely unaware that they are infected, since antivirus usually don’t recognize this kind of malware until the point they experience strange behavior of their computers or even complete damage.

Malware which are combination of Trojan and bootkits can be very harmful and can be extremely hard to remove. If you experience strange behavior of your computer and if your antivirus tells you that you are not infected, you might want to get some help from the professional who will determine the exact type of malware infection.