Knowing the different kinds of malware and malicious software that can affect your computer is very important for people who are avid computer users. One of the major sources of virus infections that can affect a computer is the internet. A lot of people who make use of the internet often complain that their computer tends to get infected quite easily, and this is mainly because there are a number of harmful websites that can deal damage to your computer without your knowledge. However, unless you know the type and kind of malware that your computer has been infected with, you will not be able to take appropriate countermeasures. Knowing how to tackle these issues is important for people who are looking to ensure a long and secure lifetime of their computing machines.

One of the most harmful and dangerous kinds of Trojans that can affect a person’s computer is the Hiloti Trojan. Now, a lot of people do not know what Trojans are. For people that don’t, a Trojan is a type of file that can penetrate your computer, embed itself in to the file system and then cause changes and harm to your computer without your knowledge. Trojans are fairly hard to spot, but the symptoms become obvious as you will begin to see obvious changes when using your computer. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you use a good antivirus program to detect and remove these Trojans.

The purpose of the Hiloti Trojan is that it affects the browsing habits of the computer it has affected, and then automatically downloads and executes arbitrary files on that computer. You will begin to see an excess of pop ups while opening sites that do not host any pop up advertisements at all, while the content of the HTML pages can also be altered by Hiloti. Not only this, but Hiloti can also cause changes to the system software as well, which means that it can affect important processes such as explorer.exe.

Also, Hiloti embeds itself in your file system by creating its own Windows directory under a randomized file name and then alters the file type so that it is treated like a DLL file (which is essential to the running of Windows). Hence, whenever your computer turns on, the program automatically begins to run. Also, due to the effect it causes on several system processes, you might also see a significant drop in the performance of your computer. However, the difficult thing is that there are no obvious symptoms of this Trojan, so you will need to run a thorough antivirus scan in order to make sure that there are no Trojans or malicious softwares in your computer.

Also, you can make use of the number of online antivirus scanning programs that are available on the internet. These programs can be used by just opening the website and can directly scan your computer directly and let you know if there are any viruses located inside.