Due to the rise in the number of different file types that are present right now, the amount of viruses which are present have also risen. There are a number of different virus programs that can affect your computer right now, and most of these programs are those which can really harm your computer. In this article, we shall discuss one of the most harmful virus programs that pose a major threat to computer systems right now, which is known as Sality. For people who do not know, the different between viruses and other malicious software is that viruses tend to spread by attaching and infecting other files on a person’s computer. They rapidly evolve and mutate throughout your computer, and infect important system files as well.

Also, if viruses are not quickly removed from your computer, they will severely affect performance and might even render your computer totally useless, at which point the only option that remains is to format all of the drives in your computer. However, some of the major virus programs at present also have the capability of completely rendering your hard disk useless, as well as all of the data on it, so it is important for people to make sure that they take appropriate prevention measures. One of the prime causes for the spread of this virus infection is through file infections. Sality attaches itself to files and generally transfers itself from remote drives and Windows servers that host files. If you copy an infected file on to your computer, it will quickly inject a code in to all of the running processes in your computer, and then begins to expand itself.

It creates a device driver in your computer, and then creates and starts its own service process in the aforementioned driver directory, which it uses in order to carry operations. Any remote Windows drive that you connect to your computer will also get infected accordingly, which cause a major problem for people who need to rapidly transfer data. Also, several utilities of Windows are also prevented from functioning properly, which causes a major problem and severe crashes in your computing performance, as most of the utilities that are stopped from working are those which are essential to computer performance.

Sality also creates registry sub keys, embedding itself firmly in your computer’s registry as well. One of the major signs that your computer is infected with this virus is that it does not allow you to run the Windows Registry Editor, as well as several applications which are related to security based applications as well. A number of people also complain that applications such as Windows Defender fail to function properly as well. Almost every file with the .exe extension gets affected with Sality, which makes sure that it causes as much harm as possible to your computer by spreading rapidly to all USB and remote media drives as well. It also downloads files from remote Web servers to your computer too.